Management of Management System

With the new ISO standard 9001:2015 there is an increased pressure on top management to manage the Management System. Organization Development managers often tells me that top management does not understand how to use the Management System. Top management often tell me that a Management System has little to do with what they are doing. At the Management Review, required by the ISO standard, this situation is put on its edge. Too often such review meeting adds no value to the business.

Imaging you is the top manager. You have just bought a tool that may help you to create a successful business. Would you give it to a manager in the organization to use it in a way they find best? And then ask them to report back once a year if there is a problem? No, definitely not. Doing it like this would not help you to create success. The tool would become someone else’s. I am sure you would put some requirement on the tool and the managers being responsible for it. And you would request regular reports on performance of the tool. Does it deliver according to expectations?

A Management System is a tool for top management to enable successful business. Often this tool is managed by an Operational Development manager. Top management shall transform strategic directions, threats and opportunities together with stakeholder interests in to requirements on processes, organization structures and controls. Operational Development manager will design the details of the management system in close cooperation with operational management. Managers will drive and ensure utilization and performance will be monitored. Top management will then be involved in the evaluation of the Management System performance (Management Review) and additional or changed requirements will be given in order to improve the Management System.

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