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I have now written the full text for all parts and every chapters in the book “Build a Company”. It has been a hard work, but I am far from ready. My next challenge will be to delete text and lighten up the layout. My ambition is to come down to about 200 pages of text. I need to take the time to make it shorter, more focused and easier to grasp for the readers.

If you have any ideas on what I can do, please let me know.

Part V “Make Strategy happen” is mainly what I have added to this version. I discusses how choices about wanted position from the strategy should impact the design of your Management System. How you in the design work have to balance the parameters lead time, variation and resource utilization. How key expectations from customers impacts your performance monitoring, how you align internal processes to customer behavior, etc.

I have also finalized the Introduction, where I describes my fundamental thinking about design of Organizations. Altogether, I can now share the first complete draft of my book “Build a Company”.

  • Part I     Introduction – What this book is all about
  • Part II    Design concept of the Management System.
    Describes the theoretical platform and explains the Management System Reference Model.
  • Part III  How to establish a Management System.
    Describes how to establish a tangible Management System.
  • Part IV  Improve Internal Performance.
    Describes practical and stepwise techniques to sustainable improve performance via changes of key building blocks of the Management System.
  • Part V   Make Strategy happen
    Describes how to transform Business Strategy to Management System Design
  • Part VI  Terminology and References
  • Part VII About – The author and readers

Follow the top bar navigation “the Book” on this web and you will be able to read more. If you want your own full PDF copy, please let me know.

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