Process decision point

The best way to find out if the management system works is to use it. The critical usage is related to decision making. Decision making is a management work. You will provide a management tool by adding decision points to a process. Specified decision points in a process, with identified criteria for passage, enables management to make fact based decisions. Active managers are a prerequisite for successful implementation of a Management System.

A roll out of the Management System will be facilitated by defining process decision points. Managers that are active in a decision point will demonstrate the importance of using the process. Supported by pre-defined criteria for passage of a decision point, the organization will know what to do. Management attention, and the processes ability to support the organization, are keys to successful implementation of a Management System.

If you are an Organization Designer and need to prioritize among the work to do, I strongly suggest that you put focus on decision points of your processes. Identify typical key decisions for management. Often these decisions are related to acceptance of risks, use of money or use of resources as well as to acknowledge the business relevance of process output. Being an Organization Designer you have to specify criteria for passage as well as identify a decision body of managers to make the decision. Then roll out this process in the organization, activate managers and the process will start to live.

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