It has long been a dream for me to write a book. I have hoped to one day be able to put my own book in the book shelf. And to proudly show it for family, friends and colleagues. As a kind of footprint of me.

Jan Olsson, J O AdvisoryYear 2010 I started to write this book. During dark Swedish winter evenings I wrote texts and created pictures. Then came the spring, our garden and house got higher priority, the writing was put on hold. I reopened the book project during the winter months of next year. New spring arrived and I became too busy. Next winter and a new restart. At the end of 2014 I had about 130 pages written but I had never had the time to put together a good structure for the book. Then I got a fantastic opportunity to spend half a year, more or less fully on the book. This made it possible to finalize my book project. My dream came true.

I have during my working career constantly tried to find ways to make the Management System more helpful for an organization. I have learnt from others, read books and transformed this knowledge to practical implementations. As the years went by I was more and more convinced that most organizations would gain huge advantages if they used a systems approach when internal ways of working was developed. The way an organization is designed cannot be efficient enough if we isolated develops processes, or if we in isolation replaces organization structures, or adds targets in isolation from other parts of the internal structures, etc.

From this need I tried to find guidance and practical approaches. I found good books, real examples and knowledgeable people that gave me parts of the answer. How to do Strategy development, how to do Business Re-engineering, how to create Business Balanced Scorecards, how to build Organizational structures, etc. But I did not find how to design the whole organization using a system approach.

With this insight and with my practical experience of building Management Systems, together with my dream, I decided to write this book.

I hope that you will be inspired. I hope you learn something more about organization design and that you get practical guidance to improve your organization. This is why I think you shall read this book.


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