Development Stairs - ColorWhen you build a Management System the initial work will be focused on creating documents. A Management System has to be described to exist. But it is crucial to not overdo this. The quality of the Management System is not judge by the number of pages written. To have many pages does not in itself indicate a good system. It could very well be the opposite. In the end the Management System will be judged from how well it supports the Organization to conduct their activities.

In Part II of this book “– A design concept of the Management System”, I described the Management System Architecture and the Management System Building Blocks. These forms the basis for how to design and build the Management System. I will in Part III, step by step, describe how to build a Management System. The foundation of this work is covered by the Management System Framework. It defines how to use a Document Control System and identifies a solution for Web Publishing. The top level design of the Organization is described in a Business Manual. This is a document about the logic on which the Organization is formed, possible to share with employees, customers and other key stakeholders. The Framework shall also contain a description of each of the Management System Building Blocks and which Document Templates to be used.

When the Framework is available, work can start to build the detailed content of the Management System. Specific responsibilities, for building of and maintenance of different parts of the Management System, shall be delegated and distributed. Way of working in the Organization shall be documented to a reasonable level in Organization Scope descriptions, Process descriptions, Role Descriptions, etc. The different documents are archived in the Document Control System and shared via the Web Publishing solution. As the content is built and the Management System becomes materialized general understanding and awareness shall be created among all employees, including part time worker as well as top management. In the end the efficiency of the Management System has to be monitored and Compliance towards rules set up in the Framework shall be verified. In cases the Management System shall be certified by 3rd party certification bodies, the external auditors will be invited for a final audit and hopefully issue the certificate. With the Management System in place the Organization will have increased possibilities to further improve efficiency.

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