Improvement drive

I’m ready with the draft version of Part III of my book “Build a Company”. So far I have written 257 pages, drawn 84 figures, created 11 document outlines and describe 6 fundamental design rules. Is this a good result? Often measures available does not tell you anything about real performance. In this case I cannot tell if the book is good by measuring number of pages. The result so far depend very much on what you think about what is written. Check out the content and let me know.

In Part III I describe how to improve Internal Performance. I think of the Management System as a car moving up a hill of competition, pulling the company forward to higher performance. The car has an engine, measuring equipment, wheels and one steering wheel. Change Programs need to focus these parts to succeed with major improvements. For a company or non-profit organization this means we have to change process structure, change way of measuring, structure of responsibilities or decision making.

  • Part III – Improve Internal Performance.
    Describes practical and stepwise techniques to sustainable improve performance via changes of key building blocks of the Management System.
  • Part II – How to establish a Management System.
    Describes how to establish a tangible Management System.
  • Part I – Design concept of the Management System.
    Describes the theoretical platform and explains the Management System Reference Model.

I share the text with those who want to read it, and it is free of charge. Select “the Book” in top navigation bar if you want to read more.

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