400dpi-Process ready

Many Organizations may have developed Processes for years, but are the Processes fully ready for execution? To be ready means not only that the process is described, and that it is deployed and used. We know that Business Environment are changing, the Organization find new possibilities on the market, new ways to do things and we know that we can constantly improve ways of working. This means that a Process has to be maintained, improved and developed further to meet future possibilities. To be ready with a Process means to be ready, not only with Process design and deployment, but as well with the structures to ensure continuous improvements. This includes ownership, governance and performance measurements.

The below criteria has been successfully used as a checklist to ensure that whatever Process is developed, the prerequisites to manage it will be available before the Process is considered ready.

  • Process is described
    • Logical process flow reasonable correct
    • Activities with inputs and outputs are identified
    • Criteria in checkpoints are defined
    • All included roles are identified and described
    • Process execution decision bodies identified and described
    • Process documentation is archived an linked from web
  • Process is reviewed
    • Logical flow, checkpoint criteria and roles are reviewed by main stakeholders of process execution
    • Process external interfaces handshake and consistent with interfacing processes.
  • Process prerequisites ready
    • All managers for executing organization entities have accepted their scope and responsibilities
    • All roles, tools, templates, etc. is available for use
    • All involved in execution has got relevant information
  • Process Management is established
    • Process Owner is assigned
    • Process Leader is assigned
    • Decision body for process governance is defined
    • Process key performance indicators are specified



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