MS Architecture Scetch - Type 2 - Christmas

Christmas time is happy times and time to relax. It gives opportunities to read a good book. On the top of my Christmas list I have a modern book about Practical Organization Design. But I have not yet found the book I want. Are the book written yet or will the book be written by Santa’s elves?

The book should be a true story about an organization who struggled to maintain efficiency. The customers were leaving the company, the owners were dissatisfied and internal efficiency continuously decreased. Bankruptcy was getting closer. Something has to be done. Led by a woman, the top management created a strategic change plan. The building of a great new Management System was started.

Starting from the key Assets of the organization, the Business Logic was revised and strengthened. The design of the Value Creation Chain was done to better fit both customers behavior as well as internal effectiveness. Responsibility structures was adapted to performance standards and controls was applied to support fast decision making. Management in all levels was coaching teams of employees in all areas to do extraordinary design and implementation work of the new Management System.

The story will of course end happily. The organization turned bad business into successful performance. All external stakeholders were impressed by the transformation. Top Management honored all employees for the excellent work done. And the great new Management System was celebrated in a great party. And the organization lived happily forever after.

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