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I’ve been working for many years with organizational improvement projects in different business context. I’ve designed and implemented management systems in small organizations as well as in global companies. Latest 15 years has been focused on process management, target management, intranet content management, document management, business development, training as well as managing global ISO assessment programs. The future history is yet to be explored. I invite you to take part.


This website is dedicated to the profession of Organization Development.

The design of an organization is built up on its organization and its work processes. The organization refines available assets into value for external stakeholders. This design is named the Management System and may be certified according to international standards, e.g. ISO 9001.

A company has to find a position in the selected External Environment. It has to choice a Business Logic that matches the behavior of major stakeholders in the External Environment. The company shall design a Value Creation Chain that enables customers to make use of products and services in the most convenient way. Internal value creation has to be aligned with both the customer value flows and the fundamentals of the company’s internal value creation. Responsibilities and ownership of resources shall be delegated into organizational structures. Companywide Controls should be deployed with the purpose to measure quality in deliverables, monitor progress of work, understand future implications and make decisions. All of above 5 elements have to be designed efficiently to enable business growth in a sustainable way. I call this the Architecture of the Management System.

The architecture of the Management System has to be realized into tangible Building Blocks. I have defined 7 generic Building Blocks that are_MG_9951 valid for any type of organization, and could be used on highest company level or at lowest organization unit level. The generic content of each building block should facilitate the development of practical support for employees in the daily work.

  • Purpose
  • Organization structure
  • Process and directive
  • Governance
  • Plan
  • Report
  • Deliverable

The specific design of the 7 building blocks does of course vary between different companies, and there are details to be designed in each building block. But common for all companies is that all building blocks have to be designed to work in interaction and to support the business idea.

The profession of Organization Development

It is seen as natural for managers in most companies to have in-house support by professionals in Human Resources, Finance, Business Control, IT, Communication, etc. But when it comes to skills and knowledge about the Management System, the similar support is often not available. Improvement and changes of internal structures and processes in a company have to be done by the managers them self, often with little or no knowledge about how to design a Management System. I argue that expressions like “Culture defeat strategy, It’s in the walls, There is a need to regularly change organization to maintain focused”, etc. is based upon lack of knowledge on what to change when strategy is changed or business developed.

Organizational Development (OD) is a profession. OD people should support managers at all levels to create an Architecture of a Management System, to design the 7 Building Blocks, deploy it into the organization as well as to monitor the performance of the Management System. This modern view of Operational Development is far ahead of previous focus on document control and procedure compliance. Modern OD is about developing business capabilities.

I share, You share, we learn

I will capture and I will share my knowledge in the area of design Management Systems, and you are most welcome to contribute. Your practical experience, your scientific researches, your general thoughts or your disagreements. I welcome them all.

This web site is the tool. If you like it, share it.

One thought on “About the Author and this Web Site

  1. Why introduce a management system?

    Well, in my experience either due to an explicit need of getting certified, eg due to customer requirements

    Or, one sees a real benefit in the structure as such and hope to get benefits, be it in lower cost or quicker and more efficient operations.

    In either case one will need to document ways of working and this is a perfect opportunity to question why and how one work. And if not done earlier, start measuring performance and compare against available benchmarks or quantifiable customer requirements.

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